Entertainment Law

Southern California is well known as an entertainment mecca. Between the vibrant music scene in Riverside, the resort culture of Orange County and, of course, Hollywood’s hold on Los Angeles County, arts and recreation continue to serve as regional economic forces. As in any other sector, professionals within the entertainment industry require legal advice and representation from time to time. A qualified such as Stephen Rinka can offer both the understanding ear and the necessary expertise to serve a wide array of entertainment-based clients.

Contract Negotiation

Creative professionals — particularly those in the early stages of their career — often find themselves agreeing to contract terms that prove costly in the long run. Your best bet is to seek expert feedback from an entertainment attorney before signing any agreement, no matter how small.

Intellectual PropertyCommercial Litigation Contracts

The issue of intellectual property often proves a murky one for entertainment professionals, as the line between inspiration and outright theft can be incredibly thin. If you feel that your creative pursuits have been unfairly utilized without just compensation, you may find consultation with an expert from The Rinka Law Firm helpful. The Rinka’s attorneys will listen to your concerns and advise you on your rights as a creative professional. From there, you may be able to require those partaking in theft of intellectual property to cease and desist, or, in some cases, provide just compensation.

Royalty Recovery

The often haphazard nature of compensation in the entertainment industry can occasionally result in unpaid royalties for musicians, actors, composers and other creative professionals. Such individuals are not advised to seek overdue compensation on their own, as the process can quickly become messy. Instead, the experts at The Rinka Law Firm work directly with clients to recover every penny they are owed.

Whether you are looking to negotiate a contract or retrieve unpaid royalties, you benefit from the assistance of a Los Angeles entertainment law attorney. Do not hesitate to seek legal advice from the dedicated experts at The Rinka Law Firm.

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