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Employment laws help regulate employment disputes, wage and hour claims, unpaid overtime and many other complaints that employees may lodge against employers. The Rinka Law Firm is very experienced with these laws. We represent clients in both state and federal courtrooms to help solve employment law disputes. Our attorneys work with companies as well as employees, and we are adept at finding innovation solutions to employment law problems, including negotiated settlements. Our aim is always to provide trustworthy legal advice and solutions that pay attention to keeping costs to a minimum while working diligently to obtain a successful experience for our clients.

The Rinka Law Firm

Stephen M. Rinka, principal attorney and owner of The Rinka Law Firm, offers personalized service to companies and individuals who need legal representation to solve their employment law disputes. His Los Angeles, CA, law office welcomes clients from Los Angeles County,

Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County and Kern County. Clients are always provided explanations and information about their cases as events unfold, so they understand what is happening.

Los Angeles Employment Law Attorney

Whether the solution is negotiation of a satisfying settlement, or taking the legal fight aggressively into a state or Federal courtroom, Los Angeles Employment Law Attorney Stephen M. Rinka is ready to stand up for his clients rights to fair compensation for damages. His clients have had great success in winning legal arguments he has prepared,

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including for the following areas of employment law:

  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Unpaid overtime or wages, commissions and vacation pay
  • Failure to provide meal or rest periods
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Wrongful termination

Contact The Rinka Law Firm, in Los Angeles, CA, if you have any concerns about employment law from either side of the disputed issues, as employer or employee. We can advise you about which legal options may be available to you and provide recommendations for pursuit of your rights. We are trusted counselors and proven advocates for clients who need legal representation in the areas of Employment Law, Entertainment Law or Personal Injury. Call us today, at: (310) 556-9653.

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