Practice Areas

Business Law

In our complex commercial litigation practice, we maintain a constant focus on the important balance of seeking to obtain our clients’ objectives of success in the litigation while minimizing the costs and expenses of achieving those objectives, wherever possible.  Realizing this goal is significantly enhanced by involving our clients in all important management and strategy decisions throughout the handling of their case.

Employment Law

Employment laws help regulate employment disputes, wage and hour claims, unpaid overtime and many other complaints that employees may lodge against employers. The Rinka Law Firm is very experienced with these laws. We represent clients in both state and federal courtrooms to help solve employment law disputes.

Personal Injury

The impact of injuries received in an unexpected accident can cause havoc and distress in your personal life and financial stability. This is especially tragic when an accident is caused by someone else’s negligent behavior. If you, or a family member, have been injured in an accident, it is worth taking the time to contact the Rinka Law Firm, in Los Angeles, CA, to determine if compensation for your accident expenses and damages are collectible under personal injury law.

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