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The attorneys at The Rinka Law Firm are trial attorneys who limit their practice to the areas of employment litigation, business disputes and personal injury. The Rinka Law Firm attorneys represent both individuals and companies in state and federal courts throughout the country. In addition, our attorneys have also represented clients at private arbitration. Our practice areas are:

  • Employment Law
    The attorneys at The Rinka Law Firm have successfully recovered money on behalf of employees for wage and hour claims, workplace discrimination and harassment as well as wrongful termination. With employment laws constantly changing, it is important that you have attorneys represent you that know California employment law. With our wide range of representing clients in a variety of employment disputes, we can advise you on your rights and prosecute an employment dispute on your behalf.
  • Personal Injury
    The attorneys at The Rinka Law Firm also represent individuals in personal injury claims.   The attorneys at The Rinka Law Firm have been involved in personal injury claims arising out of vehicle accidents, aviation accidents, slip and falls and dog bites. Our attorneys have also been involved in claims involving wrongful death.

As you can see, the attorneys at The Rinka Law Firm are experienced in handling difficult legal matters. That is why we believe in taking the time necessary to discuss your legal matter with you in order to obtain a full understanding of the legal issues presented. It is through our thorough client discussions that we can start to make the complex more understandable and provide you with sound legal advice on how to proceed with your matter.

Once we have learned the intricacies of your legal matter, our communication with you does not cease. Instead, we work closely with our clients throughout the litigation process to keep them informed and apprised of any changes that impact their legal matter. We also make every effort to be available to our clients, by providing personalized service, such as promptly returning telephone calls and emails. Through our vigilant efforts to keep our clients informed, our clients are able to make a sound, confident decision on whether they wish to settle a matter or take it to trial.

We invite you to contact our office at 877-778-8678 to see how we can assist you in your legal matter.

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I remember exactly how tormented I felt when I left my previous employer. I knew I had been wronged but had no idea what I could do, if anything. I felt absolutely defeated. After searching Yelp I called a few law firms and was told that they were busy with much more serious cases. I…

- Heidi R (5 star review)

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